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You’re in the right place for oem street light.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on CHZ.we guarantee that it’s here on CHZ.
The product not only satisfies the production needs of society in energy and efficiency, but also provides a guarantee for the diversified development of new and high technologies. .
We aim to provide the highest quality oem street light.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • CHZ lighting China OEM garden led light for Panasonic
    CHZ lighting China OEM garden led light for Panasonic
    China OEM garden led light for Panasonic - CHZ LIGHTING manufacturers, Excellent Private Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018” and “Little Giant Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018”Recently, a batch of garden led lights from Panasonic, Japan, undertaken by our company, passed the Japanese inspection and shipped successfully after the production was completed.Japanese always strive for excellence, and "Made in Japan" is also well-known worldwide. Recently, a batch of garden lights for Panasonic of Japan, which our company has undertaken, has successfully passed Japan's rigorous inspection and testing and has been arranged to be sent to the seaport. Through years of tireless efforts, our company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 system certifications through years of tireless efforts, unremitting efforts in management and quality improvement. The product quality has also passed TUV testing, and has obtained CE, CB, ENEC, and other international certifications, and has obtained new and old Widely recognized by customers. This time, being able to enter Panasonic's supply system is a new milestone in the development of our company. We will make persistent efforts to meet more victories.
  • CHZ lighting led street lamp for street lighting project in San Juan, Spain  CHZ-ST23/ST25/ST26
    CHZ lighting led street lamp for street lighting project in San Juan, Spain CHZ-ST23/ST25/ST26
    CHZ street lighting project in San Juan, Spain - ST23/ST25/ST26. This street lighting renovation project in San Juan, Spain is to update and replace street lights that have been in disrepair. The requirements of this tender are very demanding. First of all, all lamps need to have ENEC certification and pass a series of tests. For the CHZ Lighting team, these are not problems. First, all of our street lighting products have ENEC certification, and the product quality fully meets the customer's requirements; then, our team conducted a field survey of the entire reconstruction area, such as road width, lamp pole height, etc., referring to customer comparison and uniformity According to the requirements, lighting calculations were carried out for all roads, and the most suitable products were selected: street lights ST23, ST25, garden lights ST26A. There are many brands participating in the bidding. In addition to traditional European powers such as PHILIPS and THORN, there are also many Chinese brands, and the competition is very fierce. Finally, with our reliable brand and professional design, we won the trust of government departments and won this project.For different streets this time, we chose ST23-90W, ST25-38W and other street lights and ST26A-37W, ST26A-56W, ST26A-90W and other courtyard lights, and chose the most suitable light distribution. After the tension of the CHZ lighting Spanish team Construction, within one month, completed most of the project schedule. Many citizens are very satisfied with this effect. The praise is beyond imagination!
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