CHZ lighting not only focuses on product development, design and production but also puts customer experience and the company's social responsibility in a very important position.

CHZ lighting regularly develops and updates new products, keeps abreast of market and industry trends, provides overall lighting solutions, and improves after-sales traceability and service response speed. CHZ lighting provides OEM & ODM customization services, brand logo carton packaging, QR codes, laser coding customization, LED lighting certification certificates, test reports, and IES test reports.

Every product and process design of CHZ lighting eliminates pollution as much as possible and continuously improves; to ensure the occupational health and safety of employees; to assume social responsibility and be enthusiastic about public welfare.

CHZ lighting what services can CHZ provide?

CHZ Lighting has always adhered to high standards and has successfully passed ISO9000 product quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental quality system certification, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, the products have obtained CCC, TUV, ENEC, CB, ROHS, UL, DLC, and many other international standards. Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In the market development, we always adhere to the customer demand as the orientation, and constantly develop new products, successively opened branches in Spain, the United States, Nigeria, and other branches, and established regional storage centers to respond quickly, improve service quality and achieve a good brand.

In order to create a clean and bright environment, we will strive to create "green" lighting products, and we are committed to:

1. Resolutely abide by the laws and regulations of various countries;

2. Every product design and every process design will eliminate pollution as much as possible and continuously improve;

3. Each employee and each supplier will jointly create "green and energy-saving" lighting products;

4. The courage to assume due social responsibilities.

Intro to CHZ Lighting service,In terms of market development, we have always adhered to customer demand as the orientation, and constantly developed new products.

CHZ lighting how to open the package quickly and correctly?

How to open the packaging of CHZ lamps and lanterns quickly? Although this is a simple problem, improper handling can still cause certain troubles. For example, the product manual and accessories cannot be found quickly, and the product needs to be turned over to place or deliver the product. Especially on the installation site, there are many lamps and the installation workload is large. Quickly and effectively remove the packaging and take out the lamps and supporting accessories can reduce some unnecessary work procedures, save manpower and time.

For the convenience of our customers, we have specially produced this video, hoping to bring some convenience to everyone.

CHZ lighting voltage impact test

Voltage impact test -CHZ lighting manufacturers From China, 

The LED lamps produced by CHZ will have a high and low voltage impact test. See if the lamp can withstand the impact of high voltage 300V, medium voltage 220V and low voltage 100V; first high voltage impact for 10 minutes, then medium voltage impact for 10 minutes, and then low voltage impact for 10 minutes. The higher the frequency of impact, the higher the drive requirements. It is required that the lamps and lanterns shall not have any electrical abnormalities such as electric leakage or non-lighting after the impact test.

For countries and regions with large voltage fluctuations, this test is very necessary. CHZ Lighting-China's high-quality LED lighting manufacturer, welcome to consult and order.

Professional Best LED Floodlight with anti-glare cover Supplier- CHZ Products manufacturers

Best LED Floodlight with anti-glare cover Supplier- CHZ Products
The anti-glare cover on the flood light, CHZ has developed the anti-glare cover for the flood light CHZ-FL41 according to customer requirements, which is easy to install and powerful.
As one of the best street light manufacturers in China, CHZ Lighting has always been product-oriented, focusing on providing professional LED lighting solutions and outdoor lighting solutions.

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CHZ lighting how to assemble LED street lights?

Some customers have the ability to assemble LED street lights, so they prefer to buy CHZ street light kits. In order to better serve these customers, we instruct customers in detail on how to assemble street lights, we recorded this video. This video explains in detail the composition of the street light kit, the tools required for assembly, the assembly steps, and the test after assembly. According to the video, it can be easily assembled.

Intro to smart control solar street light app control system CHZ

The video will show you how to effectively control the solar street light IST7 using your mobile phone.

Through the mobile APP, we can realize the lighting requirements more conveniently. Through the mobile APP, we can quickly and easily set the lighting time, brightness, and different brightness in different periods. The energy saving effect is more prominent.

Intro to DMX contro for stadium lighting led floodlight l CHZ

Practical explanation of DMX control of outdoor lighting.

DMX external control system. The power supply converts AC current into DC current and enters the DMX system, which is then brought to the DMX converter. Before the DMX converter was a bit complicated for our customers, now CHZ company simplifies all of this, it can easily convert 0-10V DALI and dimming to DMX system, which is a good thing. The memory card is where you can program everything related to the light, and when you put the memory card in the fixture, you can implement an external control system to control the light.

Intro to Anti-glare cover CHZ

This video introduces the function and installation of the anti-glare cover in detail. The high-power stadium lights are very strong, and the scattered light easily causes light pollution to the surrounding environment. In order to reduce this pollution, we provide customers with powerful and easy-to-install Anti-glare cover. Customers can choose anti-glare cover according to actual needs. It is easier to get a comfortable and high-quality lighting environment. This is very important.

CHZ lighting how to install integrated solar street light?

How to install integrated solar street light?

Some customers asked how to install integrated solar street lights. This video uses an integrated solar street light from CHZ to demonstrate the installation process.

CHZ Intro to How to install integrated solar street light? CHZ is responsible for products and an excellent enterprise responsible for society, the country, and the future.

CHZ lighting how to replace the battery of the integrated solar led street light?

CHZ Intro to How to replace the battery of the integrated solar led street light? CHZ, The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety system certification.


The integrated solar street light is easy to install and relatively simple to maintain. This video demonstrates how to replace the battery of the integrated all in one solar led street light.

CHZ lighting supply IES testing service

CHZ has its own darkroom and IES test equipment, which can provide customers with IES test reports of all products and specifications, and can also do DIALUX simulation design for customers. Help customers find better lighting solutions faster and more accurately.

CHZ lighting test the solar street light sensor under the condition of metal box isolation

In order to ensure that the quality of street lights is intact, CHZ will conduct a series of quality measurements. This video shows the sensitivity measurement of the microwave sensor of IST9 solar street lights. The test method is to isolate the sensor and the remote control with a metal box, and the remote control can perform dimming operations sensitively, which means that the test has passed.

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