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is produced with the well-selected raw materials to ensure each piece in good condition. .
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  • CHZ lighting the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELEC in 2018
    CHZ lighting the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELEC in 2018
    CHZ in the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELECOn November 13-November 20, 2018, the Spanish electronic power installation and lighting exhibition MATELEC was grandly opened, and the CHZ Spain branch participated in the lighting event. MATELEX is one of the most important exhibitions in Spain and has a high reputation in international exhibitions. It has a great influence in the field of electric power and lighting. Since the first session in 1982, it has been a biennial session since then.The MATELEC exhibition has strong professionalism from both the exhibits and the audience. As a traditional Western developed country and a special position, the market influence can be used in the entire European and Latin American markets, plus the sponsors. The exhibition's publicity planning and systematic services before, during, and after the exhibition made the exhibition's status constantly improved, attracting exhibitors and users from all over the world.Our company participated in the 19th MATELEC exhibition, which showed the strength and image of the company. The customers in our booth are in a constant stream, showing strong interest and confidence in our products and company service capabilities. Finally, CHZ SHANGHAI and CHZ SPAIN participated in the exhibition, and took a group photo and reunion to celebrate the success of this MATALEC exhibition, and wished for better sales in 2019!CHZ Best Quality 2018 CHZ in the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELEC Factory, Excellent Private Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018” and “Little Giant Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018”. At the same time, CHZ actively contributes to the charity organizations such as Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang Welfare Institute and Tibet Children's Welfare Foundation, helping the poor and helping the poor.
  • CHZ lighting team building- Barbecue Party
    CHZ lighting team building- Barbecue Party
    After finishing work, come to a barbecue party at noon. CHZ is a very humane company that not only pays attention to company management but also pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees. I often organize various cultural and sports activities. In the big family of CHZ, everyone is united and working hard.
  • Intro to Anti-glare cover CHZ
    Intro to Anti-glare cover CHZ
    This video introduces the function and installation of the anti-glare cover in detail. The high-power stadium lights are very strong, and the scattered light easily causes light pollution to the surrounding environment. In order to reduce this pollution, we provide customers with powerful and easy-to-install Anti-glare cover. Customers can choose anti-glare cover according to actual needs. It is easier to get a comfortable and high-quality lighting environment. This is very important.
  • Best Quality emergency led tri-proof light SF02 Supplier & Manufacturer
    Best Quality emergency led tri-proof light SF02 Supplier & Manufacturer
    Best LED tri-proof light from CHZ LightingThe emergency tri proof luminaire CHZ-SF02 can keep on for 3 hours in case of power failure, which is very suitable for emergency power failure. So it can also be used as a charging light. The installation methods include ceiling mounting and direct fixing to the ceiling. Waterproof and dustproof function is remarkable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, suitable for packing workshop and home use, these lamps have ROHS certificate, CE and CB certificate, you can buy with confidence. If you are looking for professional tri proof luminaire manufacturers, welcome to contact us.
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