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A series of tests ensured the quality of CHZ . These tests include fiber appraisal, the performance test, and the flammability test, all accord with the textile standard. .
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  • CHZ lighting how to open the package quickly and correctly?
    CHZ lighting how to open the package quickly and correctly?
    How to open the packaging of CHZ lamps and lanterns quickly? Although this is a simple problem, improper handling can still cause certain troubles. For example, the product manual and accessories cannot be found quickly, and the product needs to be turned over to place or deliver the product. Especially on the installation site, there are many lamps and the installation workload is large. Quickly and effectively remove the packaging and take out the lamps and supporting accessories can reduce some unnecessary work procedures, save manpower and time.For the convenience of our customers, we have specially produced this video, hoping to bring some convenience to everyone.
  • CHZ lighting supply IES testing service
    CHZ lighting supply IES testing service
    CHZ has its own darkroom and IES test equipment, which can provide customers with IES test reports of all products and specifications, and can also do DIALUX simulation design for customers. Help customers find better lighting solutions faster and more accurately.
  • CHZ lighting voltage impact test
    CHZ lighting voltage impact test
    Voltage impact test -CHZ lighting manufacturers From China, The LED lamps produced by CHZ will have a high and low voltage impact test. See if the lamp can withstand the impact of high voltage 300V, medium voltage 220V and low voltage 100V; first high voltage impact for 10 minutes, then medium voltage impact for 10 minutes, and then low voltage impact for 10 minutes. The higher the frequency of impact, the higher the drive requirements. It is required that the lamps and lanterns shall not have any electrical abnormalities such as electric leakage or non-lighting after the impact test.For countries and regions with large voltage fluctuations, this test is very necessary. CHZ Lighting-China's high-quality LED lighting manufacturer, welcome to consult and order.
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