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You’re in the right place for high bright high bay light.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on CHZ Lighting.we guarantee that it’s here on CHZ Lighting.
CHZ is subject to strict quality management through all its production stages. It has to go through quality treatment such as disinfection, sterilization, dust-free packaging, etc. .
We aim to provide the highest quality high bright high bay light.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Quality Industrial ufo high bay lights 5 years warranty CHZ-HB26 Manufacturer | CHZ
    Quality Industrial ufo high bay lights 5 years warranty CHZ-HB26 Manufacturer | CHZ
    Industrial ufo high bay lights 5 years warranty CHZ-HB26  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.CHZ summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Industrial ufo high bay lights 5 years warranty CHZ-HB26 can be customized according to your needs.Industrial high bay lights super bright 190 lm/w CHZ-HB26. It is thoroughly checked by the experts in order to ensure reliable performance without any flaws.Areas of application:  -Warehouse  - Garages  - Workshop  - Commercial Facilities  - Aisles (Open & Stock)  - Field Houses & GymnasiumsProduct Benefits- 70% energy saving, short ROI period- Up to 50,000hrs @L70, low maintenance cost- Durability, suitable for dry and wet applications- Versatile in mounting with the wall-mounted, loop hanging. steel chain hanging- RoHS compliant. environmentally friendly, no mercury or lead。100% recyclable- 5 years warrantyProduct Features- Luminaire efficacy: up to 190 lm/w- Symmetrical beam angle: 60°  90° 110°- Impact resistance: lK10- Type of protection: lP65- Available from 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 5700K- Available with lMlotion /PIR Sensor
  • CHZ lighting led High bay lamp luminaires CHZ-HB25
    CHZ lighting led High bay lamp luminaires CHZ-HB25
    CHZ Best High bay lamp luminaires CHZ-HB25 Factory Price - CHZ Supplier, Excellent Private Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018” and “Little Giant Enterprise in Shanghai in 2018”High bay luminaire ufo led light CHZ-HB25. The corrosion resistance of this product is prominent. Its surface is treated with a kind of mechanical paint, a solid film that adheres firmly to the surface to protect against corrosion.Product features:1. Adopt one-piece structure design, simple appearance, not only the simplicity of UFO but also the lampshade of the traditional high bay lamp;2. Using ADC12 pure aluminum (92%) with high corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity, integrated cold forging process, precision plasticity, and black spraying, large heat dissipation area, and good heat dissipation effect;3. The whole lamp is treated with an electrophoresis process, the product has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions, and is suitable for various working environments; the structure is waterproof and the product protection level can be as high as IP66.4. 60°, 90° and 120° lenses can be selected. The lens is made of high-quality imported PC material, with high light transmittance, flame-retardant wear-resistant and UV-resistant, and professional light distribution to meet different needs.5. Using high-quality SMD2835, high light efficiency; at the same time, using non-isolated 1-10V dimming driver, with auxiliary power supply;6. With microwave sensor, it can realize the dimming function according to the movement of the object, thereby saving power;7. Installation diagram: Hook-up installation & Hanging chain installationApplication place:It is widely used in the lighting of high-shed factories, workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, stadiums, waiting rooms, stations, airports, shopping malls, hypermarkets, outdoor buildings, and other places.
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