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  • CHZ lighting Led street light CHZ-ST13 for  road lighting project
    CHZ lighting Led street light CHZ-ST13 for road lighting project
    Led street light CHZ-ST13-120W for road lighting project in Burkina FasoCHZ company is a professional LED street lamp manufacturer. This video shows a road lighting project in Burkina Faso. The lamp used is the LED module style street lamp product ST13 produced by CHZ Company, with a power of 120W and a quantity of 1,626. This street lamp has a classic and beautiful style, with a light effect of 130lm/w, and very high-cost performance. The lighting effect of this project has been recognized by customers.If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!
  • CHZ lighting led street light for road lighting project CHZ-ST13
    CHZ lighting led street light for road lighting project CHZ-ST13
    Best Quality China manufacturer led street light project CHZ-ST13 manufacturers - CHZ Factory, Always adhere to the customer demand-oriented, constantly develop new products, successively opened branches in Spain, the United States, Nigeria, and other branches, and established regional storage centers to respond quickly, improve service quality and achieve a good brand.Burkina Faso has a severe power shortage, and most of its power is imported from Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire. Since the new government came to power in 2015, it has attached great importance to energy-saving transformation. Since our company's LED tube and street lamp products entered the domestic market in 2018, they have been widely praised by market customers through their application in some engineering projects. This time, we won the bid for the entire urban street lamp renovation project of Bobo Dioulasso, the second largest city in the country, and replaced the previous 250W high pressure sodium lamp. The total number of units in this project is 5,000, and the first order is 2,000.
  • CHZ lighting  led streetlight CHZ-ST29/ST25 for Uruguay road lighting project
    CHZ lighting led streetlight CHZ-ST29/ST25 for Uruguay road lighting project
    CHZ China Uruguay road lighting project led streetlight CHZ-ST29/ST25 manufacturers - CHZ, The entire service process of CHZ lighting is rigorous and standardized; the sales team is experienced and full of vitality and can be patient, enthusiastic, professional, and timely throughout the process.In order to save power, Uruguay has also begun to use LED street lighting in batches for urban road lighting construction and transformation. Our company cooperated with local engineering companies in Uruguay to participate in bidding activities and successfully won bids for many urban road construction projects. Recently, our company won the bid for the new road lighting project near the new market square in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.For this project, we chose ST25 street lights according to the project bidding requirements. The street light is a product developed by the company in 2018 and has been very popular since it entered the market. This street light uses PHILIPS 5050 lamp beads, INVENTRONICS’ CLASS II driver (0-10V dimming), and uses TYPE II lens to achieve a good lighting effect; in order to achieve the lighting effect specified by the municipal government, at the same time the street lighting ST29 is selected, which is a new product developed by our company in 2019. It has passed ENEC/CB and other quality certifications. The luminous efficiency reaches 130LM/W or more, and the protection effect reaches IP66/IK10. It is the best in the same kind of products. Widely praised by customers.The roads in the square are all two-way two-lane, with a road width of 8 meters and a light pole height of 7 meters. Some roads are equipped with lights on both sides, and some roads are equipped with lights on one side. The distance between light poles is 35 meters. We have designed different powers to reduce the energy consumption of street lights as much as possible on the premise of meeting the lighting requirements of the road and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. The average power of the road is only 60W, which reduces consumption by more than 70% compared to HID street lights on other roads, and the lighting effect is much better than HID. Our company will work with local engineering agents to continue to cultivate the local market, expand the reputation of the "CHZ" brand and CHz LED street lighting, and enhance the reputation of the "CHZ" brand through excellent quality and high-quality service. Next, we will win more.
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