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  • CHZ lighting container terminal lighting project in Spain CHZ-FL32 750w / FL21 450w
    CHZ lighting container terminal lighting project in Spain CHZ-FL32 750w / FL21 450w
    CHZ Best Container terminal lighting project in Spain CHZ-FL32 750w / FL21 450w Factory Price - CHZ, In terms of market development, we have always adhered to customer demand as the orientation and constantly developed new products.In October 2020, the CHZ lighting Spanish branch project team achieved good results after the QIL QUAY port lighting renovation of the oil terminal and won the high trust of customers. By 2021, in order to quickly get rid of the epidemic and revitalize the local economy, the local government has decided to increase support for local enterprises and stimulate investment. Therefore, CSP launched the second phase of the port renovation project, the focus of this renovation is the CONTAINER (container) terminal.The engineering and technical team of CHZ Spain branch conducted an in-depth survey of the entire port, conducted in-depth research on every detail, and formulated a detailed transformation plan, using our FL21 and FL32 high-power floodlights. Both products adopt modular design and have good heat dissipation function. According to the height of the high pole lights in the port square, we developed two luminaire matching methods, using different beam angles to match the far and near lights; finally, in order to ensure the safe use of the luminaires, a conventional 100-240V conventional voltage was configured. And 180-528V high voltage drive, and supporting 10KV lightning protection device to ensure safe use.With the joint efforts of the construction team, the lighting installation of one of the terminal buildings was completed within 30 days, and the effect was very good. A 2000W HID was installed before. In the previous installation location, we replaced FL21-450W and FL32-750W, which saves more than 60% of energy. At the same time, the ground illumination has also been greatly improved, compared to the previous 150LX. Up to the current 230LX; the uniformity has also increased from the previous 0.25 to the current 0.43. From a distance, the entire dock square looks so dazzling. 
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