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  • CHZ lighting customized stadium lighting solution project
    CHZ lighting customized stadium lighting solution project
    Showcase the lighting style of CHZ company's stadium lighting | Southeast University's new campus gymnasium with swimming pool lighting projectRecently, CHZ Lighting has successfully completed the lighting system construction project of the gymnasium and swimming pool in the new campus of Southeast University. With professional products and precise solutions, it perfectly illuminates the gymnasium and swimming pool in the new campus of Southeast University. Bright and comfortable high-quality lighting is provided. The unique temperament and vitality of the venue space.CHZ lighting professional lighting solutionsThe site lighting of this project is professionally designed in accordance with the relevant lighting standards of JGJ153-2016 "Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards", taking into account the site lighting, auditorium lighting and emergency lighting.Among them, the basketball court of the gymnasium is designed according to the TV broadcast of major national and major international competitions. 96 sets of FL32-500W and 48 sets of FL27-120W CHZ lighting company special sports lighting fixtures are used. The lighting design creates a professional and comfortable sports light environment.In addition, 36 sets of 500W special lighting fixtures are selected for the amateur competition venues of the basketball and volleyball halls of the gymnasium to ensure that the venue lighting meets the standards of amateur competition and professional training.Professional badminton competitions and warm-up training venues are designed according to professional competitions, amateur competitions, and professional training levels. A total of 186 sets of 120W special court lights are used.Professional and reasonable lighting selection and lighting scheme design, so that the lighting of the venues and venues achieve the best results, and effectively provide high-quality lighting experience for athletes.The lighting of the main stadium and the secondary stadium of the swimming pool is designed according to the requirements of amateur competition and professional training. A total of 10 sets of 500W and 34 sets of 120W special sports lighting fixtures are used. The glare control can effectively avoid the influence of bad light on athletes and spectators, and create a comfortable visual enjoyment.With the help of advanced intelligent lighting control system, this venue realizes intelligent and energy-saving management. There are 7 scene lighting modes preset for an emergency, cleaning, training, and entertainment activities, amateur competitions and professional training, professional competitions, TV broadcasting national/international competitions, TV broadcasting major national/international competitions, and controlling different types of lamps. And the number of lamps to meet the lighting needs of different scene modes. Efficient and convenient intelligent management and control help the healthy and sustainable operation of venues.After the completion of the installation and commissioning of the lighting system of this project, the lighting indicators of each site have reached the expected acceptance standard, presenting an ideal lighting environment that is healthy, comfortable, smart, and energy-saving. According to feedback, the excellent venue lighting performance has been highly affirmed and praised by the leaders of all parties.
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