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  • CHZ lighting best LED high bay light UFO CHZ-HB23
    CHZ lighting best LED high bay light UFO CHZ-HB23
    CHZ Best LED high bay light UFO CHZ-HB23 Factory Price - CHZ, high quality 100w 150w 200w 140lm/w lumens 5 years warranty.Feature:Aluminum high bay light housing; 140lm/w high lumen; Configurable 0-10V or 1-10V dimming;The high-purity aluminum fin-type radiator optimizes the air duct and maximizes the heat dissipation area. Excellent heat dissipation performance.IP65 waterproof performance, also suitable for outdoor harsh environments.CHZ actively donated money to charitable organizations such as Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang Welfare Institute and Tibet Children's Welfare Foundation, and was named "Caring Enterprise in Jiading District, Shanghai". In February 2020, the company boss personally drove to Hubei to donate masks, disinfectants, protective clothing, and other materials and was awarded the honor of "Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19" by Shanghai. CHZ is not only responsible for products, but also an excellent company responsible for society, the country, and the future.
  • CHZ lighting how to replace the old factory lighting fixtures?
    CHZ lighting how to replace the old factory lighting fixtures?
    How to replace the old factory lighting fixtures? Customized led lights manufacturers From China manufacturers - CHZCHZ Spain has completed another LED high bay lamp replacement projectEurodekor is Europe's leading manufacturer of building materials. It has very high requirements for the lighting of its factories. Among many competitors, our CHZ products finally won Eurodekor's favor with good reputation, superior quality and competitive prices, and won the goal of office lighting and factory lighting.In terms of office lighting, our panel lights have ENEC and TUV certifications. At the same time, we can also use 0-10V and DALI dimming. This time, office lighting chose our 600 sets of CP6060-36W panel lights to replace the previous 6060-54W. The fluorescent grid lamp saves more than 40% of electricity; the overall illuminance is improved, the glare value is less than 19, and the overall uniformity reaches 0.7, which customers directly call "very good".In the workshops of the two factories, we replaced our traditional 250W HID metal halide lamps with HB15-100W factory lights, which saved more than 60% of electricity, switched instantly, without flicker; the average illuminance in the factory area reached 320LX, much higher than the previous 150LX; At the same time, the uniformity of the plants reached 0.6; at the same time, the color rendering index of the workshop reached 82, which helps workers to distinguish the quality of the boards by color. Effectively improve the work efficiency and safety of the workshop. The workers in the workshop gave thumbs up and praised the effect of the lighting renovation.
  • Industrial lighting of Grupo Gamiz - Santa Cruz de Campezo (Araba)
    Industrial lighting of Grupo Gamiz - Santa Cruz de Campezo (Araba)
    Industrial lighting of Grupo Gamiz - Santa Cruz de Campezo (Araba). CHZ lighting project case in Europe. Using CHZ led lights: led high bay light HB15A 150W 5 years warrantySHANGHAI CHZ LIGHTING, are one of the leading manufacturers of LED LIGHTING in China, with over 10 years experience.
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