CHZ lighting the second phase of Bilbao port lighting renovation project wins high praise

CHZ lighting the second phase of Bilbao port lighting renovation project wins high praise

Following the successful completion and high recognition of the first phase of the port lighting renovation project, CHZ undertook the second phase of the port's container terminal lighting renovation project. Replaced the previous 2000W HID lamps with LED floodlights CHZ-FL21-450W and CHZ-FL32-750W, saving more than 60% of energy, and greatly improving the illuminance and uniformity. The CHZ team will continue to provide better products and services.







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Bilbao, a Spanish city. Located in northern Spain, it is the original settlement of navigators in the Basque Country, famous for exporting iron ore and manufacturing ironware. The Port of Bilbao is the third-largest port in the country after Barcelona and Valencia. The main terminal berths in the port area are as follows: GENERAL CARG0 (bulk cargo), BULK CARG0 (bulk cargo), 0IL QUAY (oil terminal), C0NTAINER (container). Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, gantry cranes, portable cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, truck cranes, and ro-ro facilities. With the rapid economic development, the port cargo throughput has increased at an average rate of 3.6% in the past ten years. In 2019, the coal throughput reached 4 million tons, the container throughput reached 506,000 TEU, and the total annual cargo throughput reached 45 million tons.
Since 2018, China’s COSCO Group (COSCO) has made a strategic investment in the port of Bilbao in Spain and established a joint venture company CSP, determined to develop the port of Bilbao in Spain into our “Belt and Road” European strategy. Important node. Since then, various facilities of the port have been renovated. In October 2020, the CHZ lighting Spanish branch project team achieved good results after the lighting renovation of QIL QUAY at the oil terminal port and won the high trust of customers. By 2021, in order to quickly emerge from the epidemic and revitalize the local economy, the local government has decided to increase support for local enterprises and stimulate investment. Therefore, CSP started the second phase of the port renovation project, this time the focus of the renovation is the CONTAINER (container) terminal.
The engineering and technical team of the CHZ Spain branch conducted an in-depth survey of the entire port, conducted in-depth research on every detail, and formulated a detailed transformation plan, using our FL21 and FL32 high-power floodlights. Both products adopt modular design and have good heat dissipation function. According to the height of the high pole lights in the port square, we have developed two ways to mix the lamps and lanterns, and use different beam angles to complement the far and near lights; finally, in order to ensure the safe use of the lamps, a conventional 100-240V conventional voltage is configured. And 180-528V high voltage drive, and matching 10KV lightning protection device to ensure safe use.      
After the joint efforts of the construction team, the lighting installation of one of the terminals was completed within 30 days, and the effect was very good. Previously installed a 2000W HID. In the previous installation position, we replaced FL21-450W and FL32-750W, which saves more than 60% of the energy. At the same time, the ground illumination has also been greatly improved, from the previous 150LX. Up to the current 230LX; the uniformity has also increased from the previous 0.25 to the current 0.43. From a distance, looking at the entire square of the pier, it looks so brilliant and dazzling.
At the end of this stage of installation, the lighting effect won the praise of the port workers in Bilbao, and also won the high recognition of the port leadership; I hope that our team will continue to work hard in the next projects and make excellent projects. Our team was also encouraged and decided to continue to dedicate good products in the next projects and make greater contributions to the construction of the port of Bilbao and the whole of Spain.

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