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Football stadium lighting renovation project performs excellent

Since its birth, football has been deeply loved and respected by people. Football in Xiangyang of Hubei Province is a feeling rooted in the heart. Standardized amateur leagues, enthusiastic football fans, numerous participating teams, and profound football culture have allowed football to thrive in this hot land.

Recently, CHZ Lighting successfully completed the high-pole light project of the football field of Xiangyang CRRC Motor Technology Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province. With high-quality lighting and professional design, the football game blooms more fascinating brilliance.


Project Overview

Xiangyang CRRC Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1964, formerly known as the Liuzhi Factory of North China Railway Bureau, Guizhou. The company is a state-level high-tech enterprise with two bases in Xiangyang and Zhuzhou. 

CRRC Xiangyang Football Team, as a corporate team basically composed of CRRC Xiangyang employees, has repeatedly participated in various amateur football competitions since its establishment, and has achieved excellent results. The love of football. The football team has a strong football atmosphere. There are two professional football stadiums in the company alone, of which the 11-a-side standard football stadium is the protagonist of this sharing.

This project covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, has a standard 11-a-side football field and a 400-meter standard runway. Originally 60 sets of 2000W MHL were used. The lamps were seriously aging, had poor reliability, had large safety hazards, and had high maintenance costs. The illuminance value of the venue is only about 120lx, the overall illuminance is low, the uniformity is not high, and the glare is very serious, which cannot meet the requirements of amateur competition and professional training. In order to achieve the goals of energy saving, emission reduction and healthy lighting, the client vigorously initiated the renovation and upgrading of the football field lighting.


CHZ lighting professional lighting solutions

With many years of technical accumulation and project experience, CHZ Lighting is fortunate to undertake this lighting transformation, providing a complete set of professional lighting solutions from product supply, lighting design to engineering construction. This lighting design is based on the "Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards", which meets the requirements of amateur games and professional training level II, and achieves a good energy-saving effect, creating a healthy and high-quality sports light environment for the football field.

For this project, 60 pieces of FL38-500W series stadium lights of Shanghai CHZ Lighting (48 sets of 30° and 12 sets of 60°) are selected for this project. The four-corner lighting method is adopted, and the pole height is 25 meters. All the lamps are professionally designed. Minimize glare and light pollution. The average illuminance of the venue is more than 300lx, the uniformity is more than 0.6, and the glare value is less than 50, which fully meets the standards of amateur competition and professional training.

Compared with the original lighting scheme, the illuminance of the venue has been increased by 1.5 times plus, the overall lighting quality has been comprehensively improved, and the lighting has become more comfortable and bright. CHZ Lighting's high-quality stadium lights have a long life, high CRI (Ra≥80), protection grade IP66, stable and reliable performance, and low follow-up maintenance costs, on the basis of one-to-one replacement, the overall energy saving is more than 75%, and the energy saving effect is significant. Let all football fans enjoy a more healthy, comfortable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting environment.


In the field of sports lighting, CHZ Lighting has accumulated rich experience with the help of high-quality lighting products and professional service capabilities and has created many classic project cases around the world. In near future, CHZ Lighting will continue to cultivate in more professional manner and create professional sports lighting design, Eventually bring new lighting experience to more sports events.


This product acts as an important element in interior decoration. It's no wonder that this product is becoming so popular among many designers and architects.

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